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At CLEVER Design & Planning we listen to you to ensure we create a space that best suits your lifestyle.

Our services include Land use Bylaw reviews, Building Code Reviews, Permit applications, Site plans, Space Planning, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections Construction Drawings, and 3D Modelling to make sure that we are all on the same page before construction starts.

We use a range of programs including AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Illustrator, Lumion and more to achieve the best results for our clients.

Once our part of the work is done, we remain available for meetings with contractors or tradespeople, to answer any questions they might have on the design.

Accessible design is essential in many people’s lives and we understand how to integrate that into the design process. Both universal design and barrier-free design options are considered at CLEVER Design & Planning for the comfort and ease of movement for all our clients.

We understand the difference good accessible design can make in someone’s life and we work hard to get the most out of the space for our clients.

Our Work Process

We will ask specific and targeted questions and work through a checklist to determine the full scope of work that you want to do. We will then explain our services and let you know how we can assist you in your project.

It would be a great benefit if you are prepared for this first meeting and it is always a good thing to just keep a written list of your ideas and questions.

After the first meeting, we will follow up with an email to confirm that we got all the points discussed in the meeting and that we understood the details correctly.

The next step will be to give you a detailed quotation for the work which will help you decide which of our services you would like to use.

Depending on the project, we will then discuss the timeline with you.

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“I was pleasantly surprised by Clever services. With their help, I was able to visualize what they have beautifully planned. I strongly recommend them! They are awesome!”

P, Macedo

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