To all our customers and friends,

The past years have been an incredible journey full of rich experiences and building good relationships with our clients and colleagues. Times have changed dramatically and we have made the tough decision to close the business.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust, friendship, and kindness. It was a pleasure to meet and work with each one of you.

It has been a great experience working together. We continue to be good friends and we still laugh a lot. We are both very passionate about our community and what we do.

Please add us to your professional network as we would like to keep in touch.

We hope you are staying safe and wish you all the best.

Nannette de Waal and Liana Juca

What we do

At CLEVER Design & Planning, we assist homeowners, contractors, and decorators by producing the required plans and assisting with permit applications for projects big or small.

We can be as involved as you would like us to be, whether that means doing most of the work for you or just providing you with enough assistance to complete the project yourself.

With backgrounds in Architectural Technologies, Interior Decorating, strong interest in sustainable design, urban design and planning, our team can assist by explaining building codes, land use bylaws, drafting of plans and 3D visualization of your project. We strive to give our clients clever, practical advice so that their space can function safely and effectively for years to come.

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Isn’t this what we all need?

At CLEVER design & planning we try to incorporate innovative ideas related to space planning to create spaces that make sense and are practical and usable for years to come.

Clever storage and clever workflow are keys to a comfortable space which contributes to lower stress levels and less frustration in our everyday lives.

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“I was pleasantly surprised by Clever services. With their help, I was able to visualize what they have beautifully planned. I strongly recommend them! They are awesome!”

P, Macedo

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Calgary – AB